I like to doodle, and always need practice in lettering. Anytime I heard a quote I liked, I've saved it in my trusty notebook. When I make the time, I try to create a piece of art with the quotes.

I typically like to start with sketching out some thumbnails and figuring out how the words will be composed. Then I end up doing more refined sketches before drawing them with a pen. Next I scan them or take a picture and bring them into Photoshop to edit down the lines.

Much of my line and hand drawn work hasn't been touched up a lot, I like to keep it fairly loose.
The MLK quote was screen printed onto various papers and fabrics and for 2015 calendar I decided to reissue it digitally.
The LL Cool J quote was screened onto some reclaimed plastic sheets I found from and old campaign at work and turned into a cover for a notebook I created with a spiral binding.